Skirts in the Forest

WINNER: Ottawa Little Theatre’s 79th Annual National One-Act Playwriting Competition, third prize, the Gladys Cameron Watt Award, 2020; and New Theatre of Ottawa’s “Slowcooker  Vol 1”
FIRST FULL PRODUCTION: Ottawa Fringe Festival 2019

Four cross-dressing Shakespearean heroines run into each other in the Forest of Lost Plots. They’re feisty, they’re fighting, they’re directionally challenged, and Hamlet keeps getting on their case. With only the Complete Works of Shakespeare to guide them, they have to navigate through the tragedies without too much murder, mayhem, or saying ‘Macbeth.’

Praise for Skirts in the Forest:

“A careening and ingenious, laugh-out-loud Shakespearean satire. Four of the Bard’s comic heroines must overcome their differences to navigate the “Forest of Lost Plots” and find their way back to their own plays. High farce, romance, female-bonding and Hamlet-bashing ensue. Not to mention the weirdest sword fight this side of the Complete Works.”

We performed Skirts in the Forest in its official debut at the 2019 Ottawa Fringe Festival, and we are deeply grateful to the audience for responding so positively to our bardic tomfoolery.

Rosalind (As You Like It): Sarah Thuswaldner
Viola (Twelfth Night): Becky McKercher
Julia (Two Gentlemen of Verona): Ivana Borojevic
Helena (A Midsummer Night’s Dream): Emily White
Hamlet (Hamlet): David Scotswood

Director: Sarah Boutcher
Written by: Sarah Thuswaldner and Becky McKercher
Stage Manager/ Production Hobbit/ Jim: Caitlin Hart

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to:
Rosalind Conway & Dave McKercher
Jeff Clifford Photography
Morgan Dunbar Design
Jessie Thuswaldner
Perry White

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