Beware this Monstrous Regiment of Women!

In June 2021 we staged an (amateur) Zoom reading of Terry Pratchett’s “Monstrous Regiment” as adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs.

Pratchett’s beloved riff on gender, war, and monstrousness seemed like the perfect thing to shake off our quarantine blues! Audiences joined us on June 5 at 1 PM EST for a lark, a laugh, and a cup of coffee with your favourite vampire.

This event was not-for-profit, and if viewers wish to express their appreciation, we would love for them to make a donation to the Orangutan Foundation in memory of Terry Pratchett.

Edited by Magill Foote – Music and mix by SC.H Adlam – Duchess portrait by Becky –


Polly – Kate Goldin-Bird
Sgt Jackrum – Emily Carding
Cpl Strappi – Kurt Shantz
Igor – Elyse Broczkowski
Maladict – Becky McKercher
Carborundum – Sata Prescott
Tonker – Sarah Thuswaldner
Lofty – Theresa Stork
Wazzer – Gabriella Gadsby
Shufti – Melissa Barrett
Lt Blouse – Alex Sisk
Captain Horentz – David Scotswood
Sgt Lipschitz/ Keep Guard – Jacob Scott
Cdr Vimes – Doug Cuff
Sgt Angua/ Mary – ‘Olly Swinyard
Major Clogston – C.B. Prescott
Rosemary – Caitlin Hart
General Froc/ Innkeeper – Crystal Martin
Mrs Enid/ Major Derbi – Elise Dennison
Cpl Scallot – Norman Thuswaldner
Otto/ Keep Captain – Jeff Clifford
William de Worde/ Ferry Guard – David Johnson
Sgt Towering/ Lord Rust – Ian Richardson

Directed by David Scotswood

Special Thanks: Rosalind Conway, Magill Foote, SC H Adlam, Morgan Dunbar, and Caitlin Hart.

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