Shelley and Lovelace Never Met

Mary Shelley invented science fiction. Ada Lovelace invented computer science. But they never met.

…Isn’t that odd?

What on earth would they have said?

June 15-25, 2023, at the Ottawa Fringe Festival!

Tickets available on the Ottawa Fringe Festival website!


Image description: a black poster with red text reading “Shelley and Lovelace Never Met.” A woman in a black dress and a woman in a white dress toast over a gravestone. LabO. Tickets $12. Performance times are Friday June 16 8PM, Saturday June 17 2:30 PM, Tuesday June 20 7PM, Thursday June 22 10PM, Saturday June 24 2:30PM, and Sunday June 25 6PM.

Cast & Crew:

Sarah Thuswaldner (she/her): Co-writer/Ada Lovelace.
Becky McKercher (she/her): Co-writer/Mary Shelley.
David Scotswood (he/him): Director and Choreographer.
Caitlin Hart (she/her): Academic by day, Stage Manager by night, and swing Shelley.
Rachel Stanley (she/her): Assistant Stage Manager, swing Lovelace.

Photo package for media (photo credit to Kate Roberts)



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