Arthur Bampot and the Case of the Kept Man

WINNER at Ottawa Fringe 2022:
“Best of Fest” (LabO venue)
“Outstanding New Work”

Thank you all so much for joining us at the 2022 Ottawa Fringe Festival! We loved seeing all your beautiful (masked) faces. Watch this space to find out about whatever we have on next!

Image: Poster for Arthur Bampot and the Case of the Kept Man. Three people stare dramatically into the distance over the large text of the title. A bald, bearded man holds a magnifying glass, a blonde woman in a blue dress holds a pipe, and a woman with dark lipstick and a furry hat holds a potato.

Cast & Crew
David Scotswood (he/him): Detective (as well as writer, director, and the beleaguered hauler of various props)
Sarah Thuswaldner (she/her): Dame (plus assistant director, co-producer, enthusiastic but inexpert painter of set pieces)
Becky McKercher (she/her): Dramatis Personae (playing nine out of the eleven characters, as well as co-producing and being rather better at painting set pieces)
Caitlin Hart (she/her): Stage manager/production hobbit/occasional Jim
Carley Richards (they/them): Assistant stage manager/just a delight/stepping in for Caitlin when needed, thanks so much Carley

SFX & Music Credits
“WindowGlass” by P.Jezisek licensed under CCBYNC 3.0
“Car Breaking Skid 01” by Medartimus licensed
under CCBY 3.0
“Horse Whinny 1” by GoodListener licensed under
CCBY 3.0
“Parisian” by Kevin Macleod licensed under CCBY 3.0
“Polka No. 1 for Accordion in C Minor” by Steven O’Brien licensed under CCBY 3.0

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